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Since 1974, Syosset Home Tutoring has been providing Long Islands school districts and families superior homebound tutoring services. With one of the area's largest pools of certified teachers in every grade level and subject, we are uniquely qualified to fulfill any tutoring requirements necessary, no matter how large or demanding.

Although services can be custom tailored to suit any need, we currently provide teachers for homebound services, resource rooms, in-school suspension programs, as well as private tutoring both for students falling behind and gifted students in need of acceleration. Because of our enormous teacher pool, we fill cases on the same day 95% of the time with a certified tutor suited to the particular student's needs.

Since recent events in our area have caused increased scrutiny of all outsourced vendors, we provide extremely detailed verification of any services provided. Our brand new database systems allow us to customize reports to suit any district's specific needs so both the homebound tutoring and accounting departments receive information exactly how they want it.

With a huge staff of certified teachers, the most up to date systems, and a highly efficient office that is always a pleasure to deal with, we are confident Syosset Home Tutoring is the best solution for all of your district's homebound education needs. With one student, you will instantly see the difference our service makes.

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